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Our current greener solutions focus on replacing the conventional plastic bags with a more ecological alternative.

Yearly, about 300 million plastic bags is sold in Finland. In addition we use about 900 million veggie bags every year. 

Microplastics in nature are a problem. Most of the current "biobags" do not fully decompose but break into tiny pieces of plastic.

The conventional plastic bag takes an eternity to decompose in nature. The plastic bags end up in nature here in Finland too.

...Our solutions:

1. maatuva

-grocery bag


No chemical decomposition. Our bag breaks down naturally thanks to nature's own decomposers.


Strong as a Schwarzanegger in his prime! Our bags are strong and cut resistant.

Competitive in pricing, stronger than the conventional plastic bag and 100% decomposable in as little as 2 years.


The bag decomposes in as little as 2 years and is suitable for bio-recycling.


No microplastics!

The bag decomposes into organic biomass and carbon dioxide.


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